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pas▓t decade that made▓ those few moviegoers who saw them cringe. Disagree? Talk among yo▓urselves.10.▓ THE SPIRIT* Releas▓e date: December 25, 2008* Estimated cost:▓ $60 million* Domestic


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gross: $19.8 millionFrank Mil▓ler, the man who created the com▓ics "300" and


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ut onscreen, the h▓eavily stylized, nearly black-and-white results were disast▓rous. The expensiv▓e movie was▓ killed by comic fans, who wante▓d Miller to go back to comics, and critics, who trashed the mo

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praise). With "Grindhouse," what began as an explicit exer▓cise in joyous B-movie cinema▓ homage -- a double bill of▓ '70s-style schlo▓ck, one film from each director -- ended up aping i

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of tasty snacks that can be ea▓sily found in the st▓reets of Lijiang City. Jidou Liangfen▓ (a kind of jelly made from▓ chick pea▓) is one of the ▓favorite sna▓cks of locals, so

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